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Amy McGrath fights negative attack ads

By nickB

October 10, 2018

Lt. Col. Amy McGrath, retired US Marine combat pilot and Democratic candidate for the House, is closing in on Republican incumbent Andy Barr. Fearing McGrath’s growing popularity, Barr has unleashed a barrage of 7000 televised attack ads, trying to smear her as an “out of touch liberal” and falsely claiming that she supports abortion up to the moment of birth. McGrath refuses to take part in such attack ads. She has stated that, as a Catholic, she finds this slur particularly offensive.

The race is close. Amy’s campaign is building momentum in the polls and also in funding. Barr has spent $1 million on negative ads. Help put Amy over the top. Donate to counter Barr’s sleazy tactics and end the political polarization in Kentucky.


Amy Mcgrath Quick Stats
Total Contributions: $94,394,805
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PVI: R+ 15
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