Donations Process

Elect535 is a platform that connects donors to candidates and organizations. For purposes of campaign finance regulation, donations made through Elect535 are direct donations from the donor to the candidate. When a donation is made through our site, our processing partner, Democracy Engine sends that money directly to the campaign and includes your donor information to be compliant with all campaign finance regulations. Our platform enables volunteers and donors to support candidates for the US Senate and House of representatives who support a more progressive agenda, although is not strictly party based.

When you donate to a portfolio of candidates, it is automatically split up between all of the recipients, in the amounts you specify. While you only have to enter the information once, you are actually making multiple contributions which will be presented as such on your credit card statement.

If you are working on behalf of a specific campaign and have questions about donations made through Elect 535, please email us at and include information about yourself and the candidate you represent.